Bed and Breakfast choices in Potsdam, NY

Among the many bed and breakfast choices in Potsdam, NY are the Brambles Inn, the Nest Egg, and Litengard in Canton, NY. Taxi Zero picks up visitors to Potsdam and Canton regularly and can see how well suited these bed and breakfast establishments are.

The Brambles Inn on Elm St. in Potsdam was formerly the home of Helen Hosmer. Helen Hosmer is well known for the work she did in establishing the Crane School of Music on the SUNY Potsdam campus. The Nest Egg is located nearer to Norwood, NY. It offers an outdoor pool and jacuzzis. The rooms are very well done and very comfortable. Litengard is located in Canton, NY nearer to St. Lawrence University. The Scandinavian name reflects the lineage of the proprietors, the Nordbergs. The style and feel of each room is elegant and comfortable. brambles_taxi_zero_potsdam

When the universities in the Potsdam and Canton areas have special events, such as the beginning of the semester or parents weekend, the hotels in Potsdam and Canton are overwhelmed with customers, causing some people to have to find accommodations as much as one hour away. In those times, planning ahead helps, and taking advantage of the bed and breakfasts in the area is a wise choice.

John Meyers, driver and General Manager
Taxi Zero Transport