Garrett Phillips – Oral Nick Hillary Trial in Canton NY

Garrett Phillips was murdered in Potsdam, NY in 2011. He was 12 years old, then. Three years later, Oral Nick Hillary was charged with second degree murder. Hillary has been out on bail since then. Hillary is now on trial in the St. Lawrence County Court House in Canton, NY, and the trial is currently underway.

It has been learned that a second person, Deputy Sheriff John Jones, was also a suspect in this case.

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Signs saying “Justice for Garrett” have around the Potsdam, NY area for many years. They are now showing up all around New York State.

Here’s a list of who’s who in this case:
Garrett Phillips, 12 years old in 2011, now deceased.
Oral Nick Hillary, soccer coach and boyfriend to Garrett’s mom at the time of the murder
Tandy Cyrus, Garrett’s mom
John Jones, Deputy Sheriff and former boyfriend to Garrett’s mom, both at the time of the murder
Mary Rain, District Attorney, St. Lawrence County
Jerome Richards, County Judge, dismissed first Grand Jury indictment against Hillary
Felix Catena, current Judge at the current trial of Hillary
Ian Fairlie, Assistant Soccer Coach at the time of the murder. Hillary was said to have stopped by to see Fairlie at the time of the murder.