Jessica Cooke SUNY Canton Border Tasing Incident

Jessica Cooke, 21, a SUNY Canton student was involved in a tasing incident by border patrol officers early in May 2015. The incident took place at a checkpoint near Waddington, NY. Jess refused to let the patrol officers search her trunk after only being told she had a nervous look. The incident escalated and a male patrol officer shoved Cooke, resulting in her shoving back. A female officer then tased Cooke saying she assaulted the male officer.cooke-tasing_border_03

Local opinion is that Cooke should not have refused the officer’s request to search her vehicle. After all, the officers job is tough enough as it is. This being said, local opinion is that the tasing was unnecessary. The male officer was the first to use physical force and could have easily restrained Cooke without the second officer using a tasing device.

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