New Hampton Inn in Potsdam, NY

The Hampton Inn is nearly complete next to the McDonalds on Market St. in Potsdam, NY. Taxi Zero drives by the construction often and patrons are interested in knowing when the new facility will be completed. Construction for the Hampton Inn began last winter when the ground was otherwise frozen. Large temporary tents were constructed and heaters were brought in to warm up the ground to allow the ground work to begin in the cold weather. The proximity to McDonalds, Burger King, Arbys, and other stores makes the location for the Hampton Inn in Potsdam well suited. However, the distance to downtown will make it difficult for those without their own vehicles to move around with calling for a taxi. hampton_taxi_zero_potsdam

Taxi Zero Transport provides 24/7 service to Potsdam, Canton, and the surrounding region. Airports in Massena, Ogdensburg, Watertown, and Syracuse are also regular destinations. There is a bus station at the Market Square Mall in Potsdam, and at the Partridge Cafe in Canton, NY. Other hotels include Smallings, the Scottish Inn, Clarkson University Inn in Potsdam, and the Brambles Bed and Breakfast in Potsdam, and the Nest Egg Bed and Breakfast in Norwood, NY.

The Hampton Inn will likely be ready for occupancy in 2014 by the looks of it in November, 2014. We will keep you updated as the construction nears completion.

John Meyers, driver
Taxi Zero Transport