The Renovations are Finished in Canton, NY

As a taxi service provider, having the construction completed in downtown, Canton, NY is quite a blessing. The construction lasted more than a year, and it totally disrupted traffic flow through the Village of Canton and to the local businesses, particularly on Main St. The road began to look normal out toward the University Inn on the outskirts of St. Lawrence University. To get through the Village required following the regulated detour signs to the very outskirts of town, past the old BOCES Adminstration Building, and onto Route 310 to get back onto Route 11 after a 15-minute delay through all of the side streets in the Village.taxi_service_Canton_NY_construction_01

Now that the construction is done on Main St., Canton, NY, most of the new work seems to be invisible, i.e., hidden underground. The visible evidence of the construction / disruption are new lines on the roads, slightly protruding crosswalk pedestals, and slight change in some left-hand turn lanes. It is always the case after a massive highway construction project that everything seems to be the same as before the work service Canton NY

Hopefully, this will last until some new idea comes up for re-routing traffic through downtown Canton. It can take a taxi driver 15 minutes to get from one end of the Village to the other, and that’s pretty slow traffic for a relatively small town like Canton, NY

John Meyers, Taxi Driver
Taxi Zero Transport