Escape from Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora

It is pretty well-known that two men have escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY. The two men, Richard Matthew and David Sweat are still on the loose after about five days. This is not supposed to happen. Local residents familiar with the facility and its high cement walls, and its manned turrets have a pretty high confidence level that no one was ever going to escape out of that prison. To think that the escape route totally by-passed those walls is pretty unnerving. They may as well tear down the walls.Clinton_Correctional_facility

We are just now hearing of a possible credible sighting in Willsboro, forty miles southeast of Dannemora. A 12 hour walk, according to Google maps. Let’s hope so.

How could they possibly cut through steel in that place without being heard? How do you cut open the back of your cell, through a steel wall, without alerting the guards? What is going on in that place? This is incredible. How do you find your way through a labyrinth of steam pipes and then into the sewer system or water main and out into the street? I don’t think there are many contractors with adequate maps who could navigate that path if they had blueprints to every system on them. I mean, come on. When the whole story is known, I think a larger group of people was involved that one lady.escape_from_Clinton_Correctional_facility

For now, let’s hope that they capture these two men and that without any outsider being harmed. It doesn’t matter how they are captured, dead or alive, but they need to found soon. This is just incredible, and frightening.

John Meyers, Driver and Dispatcher
Taxi Zero
Potsdam and Canton, NY