Bridge construction on Maple Street in Potsdam

The bridge construction is ongoing on Maple Street in Potsdam. Work began before Clarkson University and SUNY Potsdam had left town making graduation travel difficult during the busy days when parents and family were in town. Now that the colleges have gone home, the traffic is lighter except for mid-afternoon when the high school and college workers are leaving work. According to Tim Gardner, the owner of Jernabi’s Coffee Shop on Maple Street, the work has caused the walk traffic to slow down. Stewarts on Maple Street, and the Thai Restaurant also have seen business decline due to the bridge construction.maple-street-potsdam-ny-bridge-01

On Market Street, Maxfields and The Hop and the Bagelry are affected because of the their proximity to the construction. Sergis and the new Three Bears Bakery are less affected as they are further up Market Street. The Clarkson University Inn has been busy throughout the bridge-building season.maple-street-potsdam-ny-bridge-02

Work on the bridge will continue until the Fall. Currently, work is being done on the north lane only. The bridge will be wider with a wider sidewalk when completed. There will also be better lighting when the bridge work is done. Around July, the work on the north lane will be completed and the traffic will be redirected so that work can be done on the south lane. It is likely that classes will resume at Clarkson and SUNY Potsdam before the bridge work is completed. That will be interesting!

John Meyers, Driver and Dispatcher
Taxi Zero Potsdam and Canton