The Walk Trail at Clarkson University

There is a walk trail on the Raquette River in Potsdam, NY. Parts of it have been in existence for decades. Some of it has been recently added and improved. Providing taxi service to students at SUNY Potsdam and Clarkson University reminds me of the times when we used to walk the dirt path part and sometimes take the path to cross the river when it was frozen solid to get to what is now Ives Park. This was a shortcut for Clarkson students who going from the downtown campus to the hill campus (something that doesn’t happen often anymore) and for Potsdam State students visiting Clarkson.Clarkson University Walk Path

The path now has two large docks that cantilever over the marshy river. The docks bob up-and-down when you walk out on them, but the large steel beams underneath give a feeling of safety anyway. From the end of the docks you can see the rest of the walk path. You can also see across the river and up to the Bayside Cemetery. It is a refreshing view and peaceful.

Sometimes you meet some wildlife on the path. There are numerous deer around, but you have to be the first ones out in the morning to see them. There are pheasants and grouse, wild turkeys, and sometimes snakes. The snakes aren’t the dangerous kind, which is good.

The walk path is now well maintained and has some kind of small stone covering. It’s a little hard to negotiate with a bicycle. That may change over time as the little stones settle in. It is a fantastic addition to the Potsdam experience, and a little hidden from view, so look for it. The path can be entered near the Stewarts parking lot on Maple Street, right where the parking lot is nearest the river.